Estuaries’ and mangrove swamps’ adventures

We will transport you to an exotic world and you will relish an unforgettable adventure.


Discover San Blas

Adventures between estuaries and mangroves.

An unforgettable adventure awaits you in the exotic world of La Tovara and the Camalota lagoon.

In the sinuous channels of the San Cristobal and El Pozo estuaries, you will be close enough to watch birds of many kinds, as the Boat-billed heron, the Great Blue heron, the Roseate spoonbill, woodpeckers, parrots as well as turtles, iguanas and crocodiles. The delightful exuberant vegetation of the mangrove swamps, vines and ferns will guide you to the sweet water sources, unique springs where you can swim and scuba dive.