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Port of San Blas, Nayarit, México

The Port of San Blas was founded in the XVII Century by the Spaniards, and soon became the most important shipyard in the Pacific. From San Blas, the fleet that was to explore Alaska and that evangelized the Californias, sailed out of port. Fray Junipero Serra established seventeen missions in California, thus San Blas becoming the origin of the founders of that State in North America.

The remainings of the ancient Customs House built in the XVIII Century are carefully watched by the uphill Fort of San Basilio, monument brought into existence during the colonial period. From the Fort you will appreciate the panoramic of the bay, protected by the aged cannons over the cliff, silent witnesses of the Independence movement started by Jose Maria Mercado in the region.

“The bells of San Blas”, by Henry Longfellow immortalized the bronze bells of the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, “The Sailor Woman”, that dates from 1769.

San Blas contribution to the Mexican culture and history doesn’t end here. The San Blas Batallion defended the Chapultepec Hill in Mexico City during the American invasion in 1847.

In 1873, by presidential decree, the port was closed to marine commerce.